Update on Training run fall

Update on Training run fall

Update 22/01/2019 Dear all following my recent fall. I can report I have soft tissue damage. I could possibly be out of action and not running for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact me if you need anything. I have moved the diary dates back into February.

Not all runs quite go to plan. We use a regular training route to asses progress and pace. I was on my own 16 miles in feeling very happy and strong. I was looking at shaving an hour of the time. Perhaps thats what I was thinking about then bang, I tripped and fell.

I landed hard on to my right knee, slipped down the side of the bank and ended upside down with my arm and head under a tree. Luckily I managed to wriggle myself out from under the tree. If you refer to the Strava photo below, you can see (bottom right) where I deviated from the path

Lessons learnt:

Always pack enough gear so you can respond to an emergency: I used my base layers, my dry clean T-Shirt. I also used my medical kit to clean the wound and remove a wood splinters stuck in my leg. My mobile phone was fully charged so I could alert my wife.

Learning, no one really new where I would be at that specific time. I wouldn’t have been missed for another 4 or 5 hours. So, if I had got stuck I am not sure how long it would have been before someone had walked past to help me. I am now looking in to tracking devices and will keep you posted.

I stopped as the I was injured and going forward would have set my recovery back. I visited A&E the following day and I am very grateful not have broken my leg or suffered any serious ligament damage. I am very stiff and it will almost certainly delay my training by a couple of weeks.

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