Neil: Website Co-ordinator

Neil has had an eclectic career background. Initially as an Electronics Operator flying on the RAF Nimrod Maritime Patrol Aircraft, then as a manager of a pubic house. Next onto UK fisheries protection followed by the creation of an IT Company dealing with web site hosting and IT issues.

Currently maintaining an aviation interest dispatching aircraft from Exeter Airport, he finds there is very little spare time as he runs Triton TS Ltd (Web and Technical Solutions) and is involved with youth football.

“Having come from an electronic background, building and maintaining web sites is fairly straightforward. Working on Ultra Freedom Adventures has been a real pleasure as Sean’s enthusiasm and dedication shines through. Having experience of the teamwork and training culture in the RAF and working with young people developing their skills, what is offered by Ultra Freedom Adventures is the closest you will get to the bonding process that is achieved by both group and self determination & endeavour.”