Sean: Company Owner

Ultra Running has quite literary changed my life. Before I started ultra running I was unfit overweight and lacked purpose or a sense of direction in my life.

My Ultra-Running life started late. In fact, I was 52 years old before I put on my first set of trail shoes.  “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream,” is an excellent saying for me, and us all for that matter.

It has changed my life so significantly, I am now on a personal mission to grow the sport and encourage newcomers to try it and take it up.   So, if you are thinking of doing something new or challenging – do it, or at least try to do it. I am happy to help you if I can.

I set Ultra Freedom Adventures up, with an aim to:

  •  Provide a free service to as many people as possible who are thinking of taking up ultra walking or running
  •  Give something back, encourage others to make a positive change in their lives as I did
  •  Give good, sound practical advice, so people have the best possible chance to get to the start line in a positive meaningful way and complete ultra distance events
  •  Continue with my charity work and continue to raise awareness of mental health issues and how exercise and ultra events can help overcome or help with mental wellbeing