My Charity focus in 2020

As I start my recovery and training recommences in 2020 as does my charity direction. I have decided to support the “Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity” the charity provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families.

As I enter my final part of my career. I have decided to return to a Health Safety and Well-being role. On my recommendations the company I work for have started working with the charity. So I am delighted to continue this support with my personal efforts.

Ultra Freedom still encourages its associates to raise money and awareness for charities of their choice. Clients are always welcome to contribute to our pages and raise funds via their own fundraising links.

Its a very useful antidote when you’re feeling tired and at a low point in your training or race event to think about the people you are helping and the mental health awareness you are creating. Sean has also found there is no better antidote to stopping, than when you think of the kind people (often those with the least money) that have donated to your charity. It gives you the extra power to continue. It gives you the will to carry on, even in the darkest of moments.