Ultra Race Preperation 2020

This section is under development and will be published towards the end of January. If you are one of our clients preparing thinking about the Flat 50, hilly 50 or the west country ultra 100. Or, the Dartmoor 50 we will provide for 121 advice. If you are interested in taking part and joining us or you are looking for advice on how to start please use the contact us links.

When published this section will provide advice on:

  • Fitness and Mental preparation (refer to mental resilience section)
  • Feet and body preparation required to take part in ultra distance Marathons
  • Equipment required and ideas and how to prepare the perfect cost effective kit list
  • Trail shoes and finding the best fit for you
  • Preparing a compact emergency kit
  • Packing your vest or kit away
  • Use of pacers or crew teams
  • Logistics and getting to the start line healthy