Ultra Freedom Adventures

A non profit making , accessible free to use ultra running company.

The owner Sean Ryan is a passionate long-distance fast packer/walker and runner. Sean recognises and embraces the positive health and mental well-being benefits gained from getting ready for and taking part in long-distance ultra events.

In September 2018 Sean decided to create Ultra Freedom Adventures so that he can share his personal experiences and open up the joy of trail running and its opportunities to a wider community. Sean wants to encourage as many people (either walkers or runners) as possible to take up the sport and join the adventure.

Ultra Freedom Adventure Mission Statement

  • Empower as many people as possible to join the great ultra marathon adventure
  • Grow awareness of Mental Health through ultra training and events
  • Empower positive minds by encouraging movement “the mind loves movement”

Ultra Freedom Adventures offer: 

  • Advice and support on how to start your ultra running adventure
  • Race support and escorted training runs
  • Marshalling at events
  • Published escorted training and race days through our online diary
  • 1-2-1 mentoring from either Sean or Ultra Freedom sports associates 
  • Advice on equipment and tips on how to prepare for the races
  • Feet and body preparation advice
  • Logistics support and advice 
  • Race crew support
  • A platform for ultra runners to share their experiences
  • A platform for ultra running companies that we advocate to contribute and share their events
  • Leadership and mentoring consultation
  • Mental resilience mentoring and consultation
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Charity based ultra events

We also offer supported ultra running events in conjunction with a number of ultra marathon management companies such as Albion Running and Freedom Racing.   

Ultra Freedom Adventures services are free. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us using the links found on the “contact us link” or refer to the online calendar to see when we are meeting up for training runs.