Gaby 1st Ultra Marathon

Gaby 1st Ultra Marathon

It’s been a couple of weeks since my first experience as a runner and still dream about it, it’s been the best experience in my life.

I use to work with Sean AKA Monty Ryan in a big project for Crossrail . He told me about his hobby as a ultra runner last year. I wasn’t interested at the time. But, this year he pushed me to do it. I was scared, I thought “how can I run 80 k when I never run in my life even a mile?

I start to train myself and after a month I told Sean, I signed up for the flat 50 miles.
It took me a month to love it, I felt so challenged and day after day I wanted to do it more and more.

This experience has changed my life, even if I look like a happy person I still fight with mental health. Going out and train myself for this ultramarathon makes me understand how important is to give yourself a bit of time. To clear my mind. Running /walking makes me discover a beautiful place around where I live, a beautiful nature that surrounds me and such a Peace.

It’s the big day, 18th of May 2019. So exciting to meet everyone there, especially Sean, Dean and Lauragh people I had a chat and fun with regarding my English and my question about this race ?

Soon we left the Start line we follow the map, I seen people ahead and behind me for a while, after 30 min was just me, I get connected with everything surrounds me, a beautiful path along the canal in Taunton. Beautiful people all the way until Minehead, people who were happy for us and encourage all the runners.

Nice farms with sheep, cows, horses, I felt like I was born again and completely forgot about the race. After 3 h ish, I get lost and I’ve met Sean and we continue the race together for a while. I was so happy and just realized we are running from 8 h, so happy that I didn’t feel any pain just happiness. Time is flying I just realized 11 h is gone we had left 3 h to finish, a bit selfish maybe but I wanted to finish before 14 h.

I left Sean and continued by myself, the last 5 miles was hardest than the other 45 miles, I start to feel the pain, the hungry and seen the time running, scared that I will not be able to finish.

I will not be shame to say I was starting to cry laud and begging God to rush my legs, it was hard to make one step more. I could see the finish point and I felt that I will collapse. I was devastated inside and so tired. My fiance Jamie cames in my way and encourage me and told me is nearly finish point .14:40hr I have finished the race. So happy , so proud I’ve done it.
Thank you Albion Running for organised this countryside marathon, can’t be a better path than this.
Thank you, Sean, from bottom of my heart for helping me to change my life. I will mention again that he give a chance to my daughter who was fighting with mental health from a few years, and now encourage me to do something different something amazing and explore this magnificent experience. ( I talk a lot, i know right 🙂 )

Now at the end I will mention that all the pain and agony I had felt after the race is worth it. I had a chance to meet beautiful people, I had a chance to raise some money £2.500 for beautiful children, and I had a chance ta take myself out of the comfort zone and do something different.
Thanks million all of you, so happy you are part of my life.( Apologies for my broken English, I’m still learning ?  xxx )
Love you all ❤???
Those who encourage me and support me all the way through. ❤❤

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