Flat 50 training days

Flat 50 training days

We have now come to an end of the Ultra Freedom training outings. We completed a 24 mile hilly route in Exmoor. Cut a little short due to niggling injuries with some of the team. Last weekend we did 22 miles of the actual Flat 50 route. WOW Flat is very hard, much harder than I thought.

Race weekend next weekend. 18th of May. Super excited. I hope my Ultra Newbies have a blast. I will do a detailed post following next weekend.

I have also started this years Charity Fundraising for the Frank Bruno Foundation. I was very proud to receive a certificate and letter from the Frank Bruno Foundation for my fundraising last year. As you can see I am the little stumpy fellow, the least athletic person you could find. “I may not be perfect but I am trying”

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