Dartmoor 50 2019 Marshalling

Dartmoor 50 2019 Marshalling

In 2019, Ultra Freedom Adventures were privileged to be invited to marshal the final checkpoint at West Mill Tor which is 45.75 miles in on the Dartmoor 50 for Freedom Racing. And, wow what a fantastic day we had supporting all the runners. There is no single better thing you can do to give back to the ultra community, than volunteering. So, go volunteer. I have to say Freedom Racing run fantastic races, always relaxed and organised well marked, challenging & rewarding in a fun way. It was a pleasure to support them and become part of the FR team for the day.

Tom Race Director giving the pre-race briefing

We have competed on the Dartmoor 50 on a number of occasions. It was fascinating seeing the race unfold through different lenses this time out. Without question the sport wouldn’t survive and grow in the way it has and continues to without volunteering. Of all the races we have done in the past, this is by far our favourite. I think it is because, apart from being so well run and safe. The race feels special, the race is still a secret, and you are in a moment in time where you are part of an ultra that remains truly wild, and free. Freedom to race, and freedom for your mind to roam.

The start of the 50 mile race

The field was small in 2019. Quite remarkable when you consider how good this race is. The race is very well marked, hugely challenging and rewarding. Tom and Nikki are also fantastic runners and race directors. We are doing all we can to boost the numbers in 2020 as the race is just so good.

Check Point 3 in full flow with the first 50 mile runners

We helped set up checkpoint 3 then dropped down to check point 4 where we would see the fast 10 mile and marathon runners come through prior to to the 50 mile runners. We would recommend trying the shorter distances if you do not quite feel up to the 50 mile event, all are great.

A Brazilian marathon runner, along with Pete and CP4 Emergency support

Following a very windy set up. We then spent the day at CP4. The fantastic lady in the picture above, was there providing lots of laughs and emergency support if required. Thankfully it was not required.

The 1st 50 mile ultra runner at CP3. And ultimate winner in 2019, Christian Schindler 09:02:55 great time. Although Sarah Burns course record stands at 08:36 set in 2017

Please refer to Sarah Burns blog on her record setting run in 2017. http://bimblingpixie.blogspot.com/2017/09/thar-be-piskies-up-to-dartymoor.html Sarah epitomises the strength of the human body and mind to compete at a very high level in ultras.

The view from CP4 upto Yes Tor 50 mile runners are rewarded with a final downhill section
The final lady, the smile captures the whole day beautifully. What a spirited person, with a real strength of character

The day was very long, but hugely rewarding. The runners were all very grateful for our pit stop efforts. It was excellent to see the really fast runners splash and run. All runners as always were very polite and friendly. The race itself was faultlessly run by Tom and Nikki and the support team. We had a lot of fun and laughter on the day with Jack, Nikki, Tom and the medics. Supporting Freedom Racing is like becoming a temporary close family member it really is a privilege. Sign up in 2020 you simply cannot regret it: http://www.dartmoorhighground.com/dartmoor-ultra-50

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