2018/19 Charities Conclusion

2018/19 Charities Conclusion

Sponsorship and Charities

Every journey is different, each one of us has our own reasons for attempting ultramarathon distance. It can be as simple as wanting to get fitter or expanding from road running to trail running. For many people, however, the reasons can be more personal.

Sean started long distance walking initially to raise money for MIND in Taunton. In 2017 he helped raise over £5000 for the Taunton based MIND charity. In 2018/19 he supported the Frank Bruno Foundation and raised over £1320.00. Raising money for charity as well as increasing awareness of Mental health issues is very rewarding. Encouraging people to talk more openly, reduces the stigma and helps people accept how they are feeling. It also encourages people to reach out and open up a conversation.

The Frank Bruno Foundation “lets knock out stigma campaign”

Ultra Freedom supports and encourages its clients to raise money and awareness for charities of their choice. Clients are welcome to contribute to our pages and raise funds via their own fundraising links.

When you’re feeling tired and at a low point in your training or race event it can be a very powerful motivation tool, to think about the people you are helping and the general awareness you are creating. Sean has also found there is no better antidote to stopping, than when you think of the kind people (often those with the least money) that have donated to your charity. It gives you the extra power to continue. It gives you the will to carry on, even in the darkest of moments.

Ultra Freedom Adventures have also supported our local football club Galmington Dragons. In 2018/19 we supported the club by buying the football kit for the under 10’s. We feel it is important to engage our young people in sports from an early age.

In 2019 Sean’s fundraising was halted due to continued injuries and a nagging Morton Neuroma. The Neuroma was eventually operated on in October 2019. These issues resulted in 6 months of running. Time to recover, refocus and get fit again for 2020.

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